Evaluating CBD Products

Evaluating CBD Products

When choosing the right CBD product for you, always make sure you verify the source of the ingredients, the thoughtfulness of the formulation, and whether the product has been tested for potency and purity.

With so many new CBD products coming onto the market all the time, it can be overwhelming to know which product is right for you. Adding to the complexity, there are currently many gaps in the regulatory guidelines at the state and federal level for CBD production and product claims. It is therefore crucial that you, as a consumer, do your own research to help you differentiate between the various products and ultimately find the one that will best meet your needs.

Not All CBD is Equal

The first question to ask is, What is the source of the CBD in this product? Is it hemp-derived, or has it been synthesized in a bioreactor or a laboratory from non-hemp sources? 

Once you've determined that the CBD is actually from hemp, your work is not finished. You will also want to know if the hemp has been grown organically, without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that can accumulate in the finished product.

Next, you'll want to ask if other phytochemicals were extracted along with the CBD, including terpenes and other cannabinoids, to make a full-spectrum extract or whether the CBD is an isolate, devoid of additional hemp-derived constituents.

Finally, you'll want to know if the extraction was performed using petroleum-based solvents or a cleaner CO2 process such as the one we employ at Green Earth Medicinals.

What Else Is in There?

Nearly every CBD product on the market will contain other ingredients as well. At Green Earth Medicinals, we understand that CBD alone is not going to meet everyone's health goals. We recommend you choose a CBD product that is thoughtfully formulated to contain additional ingredients chosen for their synergistic properties that enhance the efficacy of CBD, increase absorption and/or bioavailability, and help CBD target specific body systems. It is also essential that these additional ingredients are sourced from reputable providers who ensure potency, purity, and integrity at every stage of their own production processes.

Evaluate the Manufacturing Process

We take every measure to ensure the potency and purity of our CBD topicals and ingestibles at every stage of production. From our full-spectrum extraction processes, to our ingredient sourcing, to our final blending, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices and spare no expense to ensure we are delivering the highest quality, purest CBD products possible. We stand by our GMP processes by testing for potency and purity every step of the way. In the spirit of full transparency, we post test results on our website for every product we bring to market.

At Green Earth Medicinals, we share a commitment to providing you with physician-formulated CBD products you can trust.