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Clinically Formulated by physicians and scientists

Green Earth Medicinals is based on principles of care and quality. Our products are developed by physicians to provide a consistent experience that is both safe and effective.

We have teamed up with leading experts to ensure our formulations start with the purest components to deliver quality products to support consumers and practitioners in the pursuit of health and well being.

highest standard of quality and purity

We take fastidious steps throughout our process — from the cultivars we select, how they are grown, harvested, and extracted, to the bottling and packaging of our targeted formulas — including rigorous testing standards to ensure that nothing undesirable is present.

We source all of our ingredients from sustainable farms who agree to submit to the highest standards of testing used on our own farm. This enables us to achieve high-quality and purity standardization in the formulation of our products.

CANNABIS: A history of Safe and Effective use

For thousands of years, the Cannabis plant has been an important crop used among cultures throughout history to counteract mind and body stresses. The ancient Chinese utilized every part of the Cannabis plant: the root for medicine; the stem for textiles, rope and paper; and the seeds for food and oil. The first use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes was recorded in 2737 BC.  

Green Earth Medicinals products have been carefully formulated by physicians and scientists who understand how to blend modern science and tradition. Our commitment is to meet patient needs and practitioner expectations for safe, effective, and standardized cannabis products.

Formulated by physicians and scientists who uphold the highest ethical standards in practice, our laboratory delivers products with the highest standard of quality and purity.

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