Ministry of Hemp

Ministry of Hemp: Thumbs-up for Lemon-Ginger CBD Drops!

Ministry of Hemp recently reviewed the new Lemon-Ginger flavor of our flagship product, CBD ORAL | Sublingual Drops. We are pleased to report that after evaluation based on their own comprehensive list of criteria, they found the product very much to their liking. Read on for highlights of what they had to say!

Flavor: “Green Earth Medicinals CBD ORAL Drops are a flavorful cannabidiol extract that expertly mixes lemon and ginger flavors with the natural taste of hemp… Don’t expect an intensely spicy lemon ginger taste. Instead, this oil celebrates the natural taste of CBD oil, and the lemon and ginger enhance the flavor… Those who appreciate the natural flavor and full mouthfeel of CBD oil with more gentle accompaniment will find this oil delicious.”

Formulation: “Green Earth Medicinals worked closely with physicians to develop their CBD oil.”

Cannabanoid/Terpene Profile: “Their team works with carefully selected source plants which test rigorously along at every step of the way. Their CBD Oral Drops offer several different natural terpenes. In addition to cannabidiol, our testing found a small amount of the natural cannabinoid CBD-A in this tincture. These may enhance the “entourage effect” of hemp extract, when multiple natural compounds work together.”

3rd Party Lab Results: “Green Earth Medicinals carefully triple-tests their product. First, they test their hemp plants for their cannabinoid and terpene profiles as well as perform contaminant tests. Second, after extracting cannabinoids and terpenes through a supercritical CO2 or ethanol extraction (depending on product), they test the oil for potency and contaminants. Finally, they check the potency of each batch before bottling. Once bottled they pull and test random product samples. further ensuring potency and consistency.”

Types of Products: “Green Earth Medicinals offers two flavors and also makes multiple strengths if you need a different dose or a different flavor.”

Origin of Hemp:“Green Earth Medicinals grows their hemp in Oregon, where their organic growing methods are regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Green Earth Medicinals also makes several other great CBD products like their Muscle Relief Spray, and Relief Cream.”

At Green Earth Medicinals, we make every effort to bring you safe, effective, and flavorful products. From the farmers who grow our organic hemp, to the physicians who formulate our products, and finally to the dedicated technicians who craft them to exacting standards, we take pride in every step of the process. We are so pleased that those in the know are taking notice. Thank you Ministry of Hemp!

PS: To celebrate the Ministry of Hemp review, we’re providing a 5% discount on all sizes of our Lemon-Ginger Flavor of CBD ORAL | Sublingual Drops. Please use the discount code MOH5 during checkout.


August 1, 2019